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We are open and doing visits! Please see our Covid-19 Protocols for restrictions.

Please take this time to check your pet's shot records to see if they need to be updated. Please disinfect all leashes, pet bowls, toys, door handles, etc. These small actions can have a huge impact on protecting our community.  

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The following Safety Protocols are put into place for your safety and ours. We ask that you desensitize your pet to being around masks.

Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Basic Sanitation

Pet Care Providers should not touch their face, mouth, nose or eyes with their hands.

Face Masks

Until otherwise notified, our Pet Care Providers are to always wear face masks when in a client's home. The face mask may be removed when walking outside or in the yard if social distancing of at least six feet can be used.

If a face mask makes a pet reactive or apprehensive, the mask may be removed to calm the animal and should be reapplied as soon as it is safe. Our Pet Care Providers will talk to the pet in a soft, soothing tone through the mask and provide treats when necessary.

Hand Sanitizer

Pet Care Providers are to use hand sanitizer prior to entering a client's home. Then to be reapplied after exiting a client's home.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is to be completed with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Hand washing should be done after coughing, sneezing or touching face, mouth, nose, eyes, and/or as often as needed throughout the visit. 

Social Distancing

Pet Care Providers are required to keep a minimum of six (6) feet between themselves and others (clients, people walking, etc). 

Sickness and Exposure

Pet Care Providers who have symptoms of respiratory illness or fevers will be removed from the schedule and will not return to work until they have been medically cleared to do so.

If a Pet Care Provider tests positive or has been exposed to Covid-19, All Jazzed Up Pet Services LLC will inform Pet Care Providers and clients of their possible exposure but will maintain confidential as required by the ADA.

If you or someone in your household show signs of being sick please communicate with your Pet Care Provider. For the safety of our staff, our clients and their families, it will be up to All Jazzed Up Pet Services LLC's discretion if the visit will take place. 

Consultations/ Meet & Greets

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting- Meet & Greets will be done in person whenever possible. During this time, our Pet Care Providers will answer any questions you may have and observe client and pet's routine. If meeting goes well, key exchange and payment will be done that day. If your dog is apprehensive, a second meet & greet may be needed on key exchange and payment day.

Dog Training- Training consultations will be done in person whenever possible. During this time, our Pet Care Provider will answer any question you have and ask questions regarding your dog and observe client and dog. 

Pets and Covid-19 Research

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) believes COVID-19 may be spread to pets in a very few, isolated cases. It has been seen in tigers at the Bronx Zoo and two domestic cats. Some of these animals remained asymptomatic while others experienced mild respiratory symptoms, but all have made a full recovery. 

At this time, the CDC has no evidence that animals can spread the virus to humans. If you have any questions on the spread of Covid-19 to pets, the best person to ask is your veterinarian. 

All Jazzed Up Pet Services LLC
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