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Dog Training

Does your dog have a few behaviors you would like to change? Unwanted behaviors can cause frustration for the whole house hold. Our one-on-one lessons are customized to your dog's needs. Lessons take place in your home, which allows our professional Dog Trainer to see your dog in their natural environment. 


Every dog is different; the best way to train them depends on the dog in front of you. Our Dog Trainer will help you build a balanced lifestyle with your dog by paving a path to clear communication, leadership, trust, and respect.

Private Dog Training Packages-  In dog training lessons, we can go over: loose leash walking, beginners obedience, advance obedience, jumping, counter surfing, confidence building, dog aggression, relaxation, crate training, house breaking, socialization, play biting/mouthing & more. Sessions are approx. 45-60 minutes long. 

(1) Session- $75

(4) Sessions- $280

(6) Sessions- $420

(8) Sessions- $550

Private Virtual Training- Training is done using Zoom. Virtual Training is a perfect option for owners who only want to work on one or two skills, for consulting on puppy raising (play biting, potty training, etc), working on some behavior modification (separation anxiety, muzzle training, etc) & more!​ Read more on the benefit of Virtual Training hereSessions are approx. 45-60 minutes long.

(1) Session- $50

Visit our FAQ on our Dog Training Services here

Other Training Services-

AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing- $20 each

AKC Community Canine Testing- $20 each

AKC Urban Canine Testing- $20 each

AKC Trick Dog Testing (Novice to Elite)- $10 each

AKC Virtual Home Manners- $10 each

Puppy Aptitude Testing- $10 for each puppy (travel charge may apply)

Refresher Lessons-

Has your dog  gone through one of our training packages? Your dog may qualify for a free Refresher Lesson during their  Walk Package or Pet Sitting Package. 

What is a Refresher Lesson? It is a lesson where our trainer works one-on-one with the dog to give a refreshment of the commands learned during training.

How do these take place? When you purchase a Walking or Pet Sitting (dog visit) Package, your dog will have the opportunity to complete one complement 15 minute Refresher Lesson per day.

Refresher Lesson
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