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Benefits of Online Dog Training

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

In the time of Covid-19, online training has increasingly been more popular. Along with dog training, it gives us something to look forward to while we meet new dog friends and create new goals. Besides these benefits, there are many others.

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Here are some benefits to online training:

  • Individualized Training. The trainer has more freedom to adapt the training to the dog’s needs.

  • Less Distracting. This allows the trainer to see how the dog normally acts at home without the distraction of new people in the house or being in a new location. It is also less distracting for the owner because they can focus more on the training then trying to keep their dog focus and under control.

  • Work With The Best. The owners can have access to some of the best trainers who are in different locations.

  • Work Wherever. Visiting family? Bring your dog along to be sure not to miss a session.

  • Cheaper. In some cases training virtually is cheaper then working in person face to face.

  • The Owner Trains the Dog. This will help with communicating efficiently with your dog and help crate a bond. It will also be satisfying to the owner knowing they did the work to help change their dog's behavior.

  • For Some Behavior Problems, It Is The Best Way To Train. For behavior problems such as aggression, it allows the trainer to work with the dog safely and make the training process easier on the dog, creating less stress for their owners.

  • The Ultimate Goal. The goal of dog training is to provide owners with the tools to work with their own dogs, not for the trainer to do it. Even though each dog is unique, there’s usually no need for the trainer to see the dog in person.

  • Additional Resources. By going virtual, this allows the trainer to share additional resources such as videos, to help with sharing more detail or giving a refresher on a command. The session could even be recorded for the owner to see themselves working with the dog and to watch later if they have any questions.

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Kathlyn Lawrence of All Jazzed Up Pet Services LLC is a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) with years of experience training dogs and working with animals. For more information on our Virtual Dog Training sessions please visit our website.

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