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Summer Time Fun: Places to Visit With Your Dog This Summer in South Jersey

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

While exploring please be a responsible dog owner--Obey leash laws, clean up after your pet, watch your dog, and keep your dog up to date on shots. Please don't bring dogs that aren't well socialize, ill, females in heat, or young unvaccinated dogs where they may pose a risk to your dog or other dogs visitors.

Golden retriever on a boat with blog title "Summer Time Fun: Places to visit with your dog this summer in South Jersey"

Icelandic sheepdog puppy at the beach playing in the water

This dog friendly beach can be found off of Glenwood Avenue in Wildwood, NJ. Just look for the large red fire hydrant sculpture marking the beach. This beach offers plenty of space to have Fido play in the water, run on the sand and their owners to soak up some rays. Dogs on the beach must remain leashed (additional rules can be found at the entrance).

In addition to the beach, there is also two fully fenced in park areas where leashes are optional that is open daily. No membership is needed. Fresh water and clean up bags are available on site in the park.

icelandic sheepdog sitting next to a plane

Naval Air Station Wildwood Museum is a 501(c)3 non-profit that is housed at the Cape May Airport. Travel back in time and explore hand-on exhibits and fun activities for the whole family (including Fido)! The NAS is home to over 25 historic airplanes, jets, and helicopters. Admission is reasonable and helps continue their mission of educating the public on Cape May County’s history during World War II---including restoring the historic Hangar #1 building and memorializing the 42 naval aviators who died while training at NAS.

red mixed breed dog on a boat

The Cape May Whale Watcher offers the largest and fastest vessel in New Jersey. They're many different cruise options available from day cruises to specials cruises. This dog friendly adventure offers a guarantee of seeing marine mammals (Whales, Dolphins or Porpoise) during your cruise. If there's no sightings, a free pass for another excursion will be given to all the humans. The Captain and crew just asks that only well behaved, leashed dogs come aboard and that they stay outside the cabin.

Enjoy a cruise across the Delaware Bay from Cape May, New Jersey to Lewes, Delaware all year around! Pets have excess to all exterior decks where you can take a stroll with a 360 view. The Captain and crew asks that dogs must be on leash at all times, clean up all accidents and to keep your dog out of any of the food areas. Pets are also allowed to enjoy a meal with you at On The Rocks, where outdoor dining is available.

Icelandic sheepdog at the drive in movies

The Drive-In Theater provides a truly unique experience, where family can come together. Pets are now allowed to join their owners on Sunday nights at the Drive-In! Dogs must be kept on a standard 6 (or less) foot leash and are to only use the designated potty areas. Owners are asked to clean up after their dog and are not allowed in the concessions area or the bathrooms.


Kathlyn Lawrence of All Jazzed Up Pet Services LLC is a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) with years of experience training dogs and working with animals. For more information on our Pet Services please visit our website.


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